4 Things to Know by Caleb

Today we are going to talk about Plastic, Plants, Food and Animals. They are important to me because some can bad and I want to tell about how they are good and how they are bad and why we need them.



Plastic is something people need but not always. We could survive without plastic. Plastic is always recyclable. When you throw away stuff like plastic it could end up in ocean. When animals find it they think it’s food. It doesn’t dissolve in their body. They will die. So don’t drop plastic on the ground.



What has a steam,leaves,and is good for our environment? PLANTS!!!!!!. Plants are nutrients. They  also help us breath. Plants give us food that is not toxic. Fruits and vegetable are all things that come from plants. Some plant are edible and some aren’t edible. Plant’s give out oxygen for us to breath.



What is spaghetti, pizza and soup? FOOD!!!! Food is what keeps us alive. Without it we wouldn’t be here. Food can grow on plants, in the ground and on trees. You get meat from cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. Healthy foods are better for you. Candy and other junk food is bad for you. If you eat too much junk food you will become unhealthy. So stick with healthy foods like vegetables, fruit and meat.



What has fur and walks on four legs? ANIMALS!!!! Animals like domestics can be nice, but wild animals can be a little mean. You can also get meat from them and they are also good for the environment. Domestic animals are nice, playful and cuddly. Dogs and cats are domestic. Wolves, deer and snakes are wild animals.


3 thoughts on “4 Things to Know by Caleb

  1. Caleb,
    This is a fantastic post, thank you for putting so much thought, detail and information into the 4 subjects you wrote about. You are one smart cookie!

    Liked by 1 person

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