Rainy Weather Where I Live


Tyler, here, and I want share our rainy weather here with you. Yesterday, November 2, it rained all day long! It was cold and wet. It was raining cats and dogs.  Me and my brothers, we played out in the rain and we got really cold so we went inside and took a really warm shower. We had a fire going all day long. I loved it! And today, November 3, it is cold still, but it’s a little sunny too. It looks like there’s rain clouds coming in too. The heater just kicked on! We had to keep the dogs inside yesterday because it was very muddy outside. Today the dogs went outside and got all muddy! I am looking forward to it raining again today. This is what it looks like right now out our schoolroom window.

nov 3 2015


2 thoughts on “Rainy Weather Where I Live

  1. Hi Tyler!
    Thank you for posting the picture of the weather, it helped me to picture where you were sitting as you wrote your blog post. It rained at my house all day yesterday too and I loved it! Lucky for us Piper stays inside all day so we didn’t have any muddy animals in our house.

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  2. Tyler, what a Great view you have from your school room we missed you Monday in Art Class but I can see you had a much nicer day at home. Keep Writing!

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